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Accident reconstruction

Client A, a cyclist, died from injuries after being rear-ended by a car. The driver claimed the cyclist had appeared onto his path without warning, and that his view was obstructed.

Through accident reconstruction and with the help of accident reconstruction experts, the driver was found to be speeding with a clear view. Client A’s family was successful in making a claim against the driver.

Accident investigation

Client B, an insurance company, received a claim from a motorcyclist who claimed that an unknown vehicle had collided with his motorcycle’s rear and caused him injuries.

Detailed accident investigation with the aid of an accident reconstruction expert, however, showed that the motorcyclist had sustained injuries due to losing control. Client B was successful in repudiating the claims.

Injury liability

Client C, a bus passenger, was getting up to press the bell and alight when their bus driver braked hard, causing the passenger to fall and suffer injuries.

After analyzing video footage, it became irrefutable that the hard braking had caused the passenger’s injuries. Client C was successful in claiming against the bus company. Need something similar for re-enacting your accident? Reach out to our accident reconstruction expert now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In an accident, questions related to speed, distance, obstruction of sight, collision and severity may arise to evaluate circumstances around the accident. In such scenarios an accident reconstruction expert will be required. Such accident reconstruction experts are even called upon to evaluate minor collisions and impact to avoid general nonscientific misinterpretations.
Accident assessors or accident reconstruction experts are usually retained by attorneys, insurance companies, and law enforcement departments. They work for the law to present unbiased findings that are admissible in both civil and criminal courts.

Accident claim solicitors/ accident reconstruction experts do not come at a cheap cost. Brze is an alternate solution for those who cannot afford exorbitant legal fees. Costs associated are subjective and dependent on several factors, such as the scope of the project and the number of vehicles involved.

To ensure our clients minimise unnecessary expenses, our accident reconstruction experts commence by developing preliminary findings, and if requested, provide a cost estimate proposal based on the information provided at the onset of the project.

Our fees can range from $800 onwards, and are drawn up based on the amount of time invested in evaluating and providing the required reports, and are never based on the outcome of a case.

Primarily, the following are needed to commence any investigation and analysis:

  1. Police sketch plan and reports
  2. Vehicle damage photographs
  3. Witness statements and depositions
  4. Medical report (if any)

The quality of information provided is directly linked to the quality of our analysis.

Give us a call at 63341582 once you have the information you need. One of our certified accident assessment experts will then arrange a complimentary consultation with you, during which they’ll seek to understand your case, highlight any potential conflicts, and walk you through the engagement process.


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