How do you select the perfect car for yourself?

By Adia Tay

Image Credit: Łukasz Nieścioruk | Unsplash

We can break it down into a couple of factors (ranked in order of importance)


  1. Affordability (will you be able to cover the daily rent?)
  2. Fuel efficiency (you want to do a maximum number of trips with a minimum number of petrol station visits)
  3. Reliability (you do not want your car breaking down on you regularly)
  4. Comfort (not the most important but, you don’t want to be driving eight to 10 hours a day in discomfort. You’ll burn out fast.


And that’s the reason why these seven cars are popular with private hire drivers.

Mitsubishi Attrage

The Attrage is one of the lowest priced Japanese cars in the market right now!

verage weekly rental rate is around $300/week

Fuel economy: 17km/L – 20km/L

Engine capacity: 1,193cc


Recommended for: drivers who want lower overheads and higher returns


Why you should rent one:


The Attrage is a city car that’s not flashy or sporty, and you might even dare to call it ‘a little boring’ to be honest. It is one of the lowest-priced Japanese cars in the market right now (May 2020). Although it’s not the most comfortable of cars in the market (especially for tall people), but it gets the job done efficiently with its 450L boot that is perfect for ferrying passengers with lots of luggage.

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The current generation Mazda3 is a great-looking and affordable sedan

Average weekly rental rate is around $400/week

Fuel economy: 13km/L – 15km/L

Engine Capacity: 1,496cc


Recommended for: drivers who want to drive in style for less money


Why you should rent one:


The Mazda3 is easily one of the best-looking and affordable compact sedans on the roads right now. The current generation of Mazda3s has seen a significant improvement in terms of performance and comfort compared to previous generations. There’s tons of space for everyone in the car to enjoy a comfortable ride from point A to B. Also, its start-stop technology can help drivers to save fuel (but can be mildly irritating). Opt for the Mazda3 hatchback if you think sedans are too mainstream.


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Honda Fit

A sporty hatchback with a spacious interior for passengers, the Fit is the perfect city runabout

Average weekly rental rate is around $330/week

Fuel economy: 16km/L – 18km/L

Engine Capacity: 1,317cc


Recommended for: drivers who want to be different and unique


Why you should rent one:


Ah, the Honda Fit. There’s something about the sporty and sleek exterior that appeals to many. This hatchback is a lot more spacious than it looks and passengers will be able to sit in the fit comfortably, but there’s a serious lack of boot space for bulky items like suitcases, for example. Also, I own a fit, and this excerpt might be a little biased. If you want better fuel economy, look at the Hybrid variant (which also means higher rental).

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Toyota Prius Hybrid

You simply can’t go wrong with a Prius – the choice of taxi companies here

Average weekly rental rate is around $480/week

Fuel economy: 21km/L – 27km/L

Engine capacity: 1,497cc – 1,798cc


Recommended for: Drivers who want maximum trips for minimum fuel


Why you should rent one:


There must be an economically sound reason why some taxi companies choose the Toyota Prius. You can expect to have a quiet and peaceful drive with the Prius Hybrid. If you don’t floor the accelerator, your passengers will feel like they’re floating on the comfortable seats. It’s a point-and-shoot car that comes with great handling and probably the closest thing you can get to a Camry. This car is also known as ‘The King of Hybrids’ due to its fantastic fuel efficiency, a full tank can last for over a thousand kilometres. But If you want a more exciting drive, then this car is not for you.


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Honda Vezel

One of the most popoular cars that you see all over Singapore, the Vezel is undoubtedly a great choice!

Average weekly rental rate is around $420/week

Fuel economy: 15km/L – 17km/L

Engine Capacity: 1,496cc


Recommended for: drivers who like a sporty driving experience


Why you should rent one:


The Vezel is an ever-popular choice by private hire drivers because it comes with a powerful engine, lots of space all around and undeniably easy on the wallet. It’s a decent-sized SUV that comes with nimble handling and promises a fun-driving experience. However, the suspension is a little stiff, so you will feel every bump and hole on the road as you drive over it. For additional fuel savings, ask for the Hybrid variant!


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Toyota Sienta

The Sienta is an excellent MPV that let you pick up more than just four passengers

Average weekly rental rate is around $450/week

Fuel economy: 14km/L to 19km/L

Engine Capacity: 1,496 cc


Recommended for: drivers who want more than just four passengers


Why you should rent one:


If you want to pick up more than four passengers and increase your earnings with multiple tiered ride options, a Sienta is a no brainer. This MPVsits six passengers comfortably, comes with power sliding doors and strong rear air conditioning. One gripe about the Sienta is that you can hear a lot of road and engine noise from the cabin. It’s a small issue short-term, but it might not be so long-term? It also has a Hybrid variant if you want additional fuel savings!

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Toyota Noah hybrid

Whether its passengers or goods, the Noah allows you to haul a sizeable load

Average weekly rental rate is around $600/week

Fuel economy: 19km/L – 23km/L

Engine capacity: 1,797cc

Recommended for: drivers who need space. Lots of space


Why you should rent one:

 The Noah is not a car for everyone with its boxy and boat-like design. It does, however, come with a spacious cabin that will seat seven people (and all their barang barang) with ample legroom, headroom and toe room to go around. With a full load, you will be able to tell that the Noah is struggling to press forward and when you’re on rough roads, you’ll hear pretty much everything you’re driving over.


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